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Firstly my apologies for this being in English.

As a first time voter here in Simrishamn I would like some feedback on the issues below that I feel have not been addressed fully in any of the local party responses in the local media:

- transport and connections to Malmo and beyond as well as better local transport?
- schools and youth activities?
- support for small businesses such as shared offices for multiple small companies and startups to work together in (Instead of home office)?
- with 40% over 65 how do you plan to get family’s to move into the area?


  • First time voter (Liberalerna) 2018-09-07

    Hi Mike,

    - This is a responsibility for the regional council, Region Skåne. We in the local council can try to influence Region Skåne to invest more on this side of Skåne. We think that the only way to do this is to cooperate with other local councils around Skåne with the samt type of problems. We need to make sure that the regional council sees the importance of a Skåne that´s whole. We should be careful not to reenforce the differences between east and west.
    The local council should also look into new technology when it comes to the local transport, like self-driving cars. Maybe a test-project between villages could be a possibility.

    - Our schools should focus on learning. We have talked to much about were our schools are situated and not enough about what our children are taught. We want to focus on empowering teachers. Good schools are most important to us Liberals, they are the key to all childrens future (no matter where they come from) and a necessary to a functioning democracy.
    We support Kulturskolan and the work of the civil society when it comes to youth activity.

    - Small businesses can get help from the local council with advice and development of the business. This is something we should develop more. Your thought is interesting but it is also very important that the local council don´t participate in unfair competition. I think this is something that needs some more thought and analysis.

    - Our plan is to make Simrishamn the best area for seniors in Sweden. We don´t think that it is possible to change the nature of our district. It has been tried the last couple of decades and has resulted in a constantly decreasing population.
    If we embrace the people who like it here we can increase our population growth (right now the estimations say we will decrease with 2000 people until 2040). If we can make seniors move here in greater numbers it will produce basis for companies, work and taxrevenues. This will make it possible also for more families to move here. My family and me moved here when we had one of our boys 7 years ago and it´s a fantastic place for children and families.
    That we should have good schools and do our best to make it easy to run a business here goes without saying:)

    Best regards
    Malin Henriksson (L)

  • Hey Mike (Centerpartiet) 2018-09-07

    We are working hard from all parties here in Simrishamn to have better connections with train and busses. But it’s a question laying over the local, it’s a regional and question for the government.
    Schools and activites for youth have our parti several issues to make this better in the future.
    Pls. come to our site:
    For small companies we can today offer offices, you can contact me and I will help you.
    To make ppl to move to Simrishamn we have to build moore flats and houses wich we have done the last year and plan to build 30-50 new each year.
    Bertil Bjerstam Centerpartiet i Simrishamn

  • First time voter (Socialdemokraterna) 2018-09-07

    Hi Mike!
    As for the infrastructure that you write to Malmö and beyond Malmö, it is divided as follows.
    Region Skåne via Skånetrafiken is responsible for communications such as buses and trains. When it comes to roads, cycle paths and railways, it is a state affair where the Swedish Transport Administration is responsible. We therefore meet as municipalities both the Swedish Transport Administration and the Region Skåne and Skånetrafiken on a regular basis, where we then address these issues. Which has led to, among other things, the renovation of the railroad on certain routes, and the fact that we now have a meeting trail in Gärsnäs 2020 and remote control in both Gärsnäs and Ystad, etc. This will make traffic safer between Simrishamn and Malmö. Thus, less set trains and delays. During this term of office, we have also built fiber for all households and are today up to about 96%. Furthermore, we, the Socialdemocrats have decided that all city schools will remain, and we will open a new school in Skillinge, which moderates laid down the last term of office. During this term of office, we have also rebuilt the Simrislund School, opened a new elementary school in the old upper secondary school's premises at Fredsdalsgatan, now called Fredsdalsskolan, and built on the Sankt Olof school for more students. We have also invested in a new preschool in Simrislund. As for business, we have a place called Södra Kajen in Simrishamn, where we have just what you ask for a number of small offices that entrepreneurs can rent and there is currently plenty which means that we are now planning to build on a floor to get more corporate offices. The most important issues for making people want to move here are good communications, school, education, good care for both our children and the old people and those who need the care and build new apartments. Skills training is important in order for our companies to get staff with the right skills.
    With these measures, I am convinced that people choose to move to Simrishamns municipality. Simrishamns municipality is a safe and secure municipality and during this term of office we invested about 300 million kronor and invested over 60 million new money in the welfare and exceeded over 100 million in excess, indicating that in spite of big investments we have also managed to handle the economy in a very good way.

    Karl-Erik Olsson (S)
    Municipal Council Chairman

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